Sorry for the lack of new material

things have been really slow on my end and I’m hoping it’s just a momentary thing.

But also- I haven’t heard from a single one of you guys yet! C’mon!

Let’s try and make this a two way street- send me some pics or even just come talk dirty with me.

Email me at

Four hours of conversation with this kid and all I got was this bodyshot. :\


Four hours of conversation with this kid and all I got was this bodyshot. :\ Ugggh.

Ohoho, finally got my second taker. I’m excited. Can’t wait to see what this one’s like. 

This guy’s tboitoy. (Just so y’all know, I’m not making up these weird handles, I’m stealing them from their emails. :P) 

New Followers

Well, hell!

I’m away for one day and all the sudden I’ve got myself a nice little fan-base forming.

Welcome, welcome. 

I think it’s pretty clear what we’re all here for, so I won’t waste any time talking about our mutual interest except to say I’ve still only got the one guy talking to me and sending those downright dirty pics. 

If you’re so inclined, please feel free to share all of your filthy words, pictures, and videos with me at any time. I’d love to hear from you. 

Well guys, this may not confirm whether or not I’m half way decent with my dirty talk, but judging from these latest pics, I have to be doing something right. 

This man might not be all that eloquent, but he’s eager, horny, and cums gorgeously. Look at all that thick, white spunk. Christ!

Well hot damn! Orubi stepped up his game. Apparently all the man needed to see was a little pearly white from me and now he’s prepared to get hot and sticky. 

Gotta be honest with you guys, this last set genuinely got me leaking. 

Wonder what I’ll get back now that I’ve given him a candid of my pretty pucker. ;)

Aaand we have lift-off in the form of one artfully weeping slit. 

Have to admit that shiny tear of pretty pre-cum looks good on his wrinkly head. 

Gonna give him some post-orgasm shots methinks, see if we can’t usher things along a little faster. 

Way to step up the picture count, though I still got bath shots. He’s lacking in originality, both in his shots and the fact that he just keeps calling me HOTT, but I must admit, the dude’s pretty attractive. 

All I need in this situation is looks innit? 

Anyway, now y’all are caught up on the Orubi situation. 

Haven’t gotten any other replies yet, but I’m hoping to tag some more stalls tomorrow. 

Also, if you’re interested feel free to start up a convo w/ me yourself!

Don’t want to find your words and pics up on my blog? All you gotta do is say so. I’m not coercing anybody here. 

See? Told you. Really into them baths. Whatever, he looks good wet. 

Still hasn’t given me a money shot. 

Cheapskate- I’ve given him one. 

We’ll see how long that lasts though. 

Word of warning- this guy is real into shower and bath shots. Dunno why. Guess it’s easier since he’s already naked.